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quetzal birdwatching

We are a consolidated company with more than 5 years of experience offering birding tours in the Caribbean basin: Colombia, Mexico and Panama. We strive to offer a quality service, so that customers live the best experiences with the birds of these regions, our tours are combined with the local culture, conservation projects and gastronomic experiences, in addition to our operation we contribute to the conservation of the Birds and the sustainable economic development of local communities.



  • Perija Tapaculo

    Scytalopus perijanus

  • Perija Thistletail

    Asthenes perijana

    Pied Lapwing
  • Santa Marta Mountain-Tanager

    Anisognathus melanogenys

    Anisognathus melanogenys
  • Santa Marta Parakeet

    Pyrrhura viridicata

  • Santa Marta Screech Owl

    Megascops gilesi

    Santa Marta Screech Owl
  • Santa Marta Woodstar

    Chaetocercus astreans

    Santa Marta Woodstar
  • Tocuyo Sparrow

    Arremonops tocuyensis

  • White-bearded manakin

    Manacus manacus

    White-bearded manakin
  • White-tailed Starfronlet

    Coeligena phalerata

  • White-tipped Quetzal

    Pharomachrus fulgidus

    White-Tipped Quetzal