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Guías y Baquianos Tour S.A.S., working under the brand “Baquianos Travel & Aventure”, is pioneer and pathfinder of the trekking to Ciudad Perdida, beginning its operation more than 30 years ago. We are experts in nature tourism and adventure, offering the best experiences in Colombia, such us cultural activities, ethnical, ecoturistic, sun and beach, focusing in each need and personal interests of our travellers. We enhance sustainable tourism, protecting our natural resources and trying to strenght the growing of local and indigenous communties, guaranteeing the good use of environmental resources in a responsable way and in order to let future generations the heritage that we are enjoying.



  • Golden-winged Sparrow

    Arremon schlegeli

  • White-lored Warbler

    Myiothlypis conspicillata

  • Groove-billed toucan

    Aulacorhynchus sulcatus

    Groove-billed toucan
  • White-necked Thrush

    Turdus albicollis

    White-necked Thrush
  • Keel-billed Toucan

    Ramphastos sulfuratus

    Keel-billed Toucan
  • Whooping Motmot

    Momotus subrufescens

    Whooping Motmot
  • King Vulture

    Sarcoramphus papa

    King Vulture
  • Royal Flycatcher

    Onychorhynchus mexicanus

    Royal Flycatcher
  • Rufous-breasted Wren

    Pheugopedius rutilus

    Rufous-breasted Wren
  • Bangs Wood-wren

    Hernicorhina bangsi