Route: Southern Andes, Colombian Massif & Amazon foothills


12 Days

Bird in the still-intact high-altitude forests and páramos of the southern Andes of Colombia, a region that is literally bursting with birdlife that has most likely never seen a birder’s bins before. Some of the rarest birds in Latin America call this place home. Descend through the legendary super-humid Amazon foothills transition zone, full of rarities that are unique to these altitudes. Finish the tour by visiting the mystical and sacred Colombian massif, birthplace of Colombia’s greatest rivers, such as the Magdalena, Cauca, Caqueta and Patia.These areas are now open to birders and have so many small-range and uncommon specialities in the canopy and undergrowth that it boggles the mind. Bird from tropical through to treeline climatic zones and walk away with a list like no other.


  • Yellow-eared Parrot

    Ognorhynchus icterotis

    Yellow-eared Parrot SEE MORE
  • Royal Tern

    Thalasseus Maximus

    Royal Tern SEE MORE
  • Semipalmated Plover

    Charadrius Semipalmatus

    Semipalmated-Plover SEE MORE