Route: Colombian Feeders Photography Tour


18 Days

Colombia has the world's biggest list of birds, around 1950 species which 145 are just hummingbirds, 141 kinds of tanagers and many trogons, chlorophonias, parrots, orioles, toucans and other special birds all great for photography; in addition to all this, Colombia has 80 endemic species of birds and 135 near endemics. A birding tour in this country is outstanding. This program is designed to reveal a superb bird photography experience. So we have scheduled places which offer birds fed in different ways including: antpittas, fruiteater, sparrows, thrushes, tanagers, hummingbirds etc. Some places will have only feeders for hummers, others tanagers and hummers depending on the place and season. But we will do all in our hands to call in, or to point out birds close, and around the feeders. We will ask the locals about roosting spots and other opportunities to give us sharp and the closest possible shots.


  • Yellow-eared Parrot

    Ognorhynchus icterotis

    Yellow-eared Parrot SEE MORE
  • Royal Tern

    Thalasseus Maximus

    Royal Tern SEE MORE
  • Semipalmated Plover

    Charadrius Semipalmatus

    Semipalmated-Plover SEE MORE