Route: Colombia Colorful Andes


18 Days

Colombia is always a great destination for bird watchers, a big country with too much to see and sometimes not enough time to cover it completely, plus the endemic species around it. The idea of this tour is to immerse you in the central part of the country from west to east and to discover its wonders, not only the breathtaking landscape, the friendly people but we are going to take you to boasting areas with enough bird species to stay for life. Starting in the eastern cordillera, going up the paramo and the cloud forests around the interesting capital city of Bogotá, then passing the central cordillera visiting paisa towns, its mountains and subtropical forests, then driving across valleys like Magdalena, and Cauca where we can get some more endemics. And Finally heading all the way to the western mountain range where we are going to experience localized and narrow distributed species in an amazing wet Choco forest. We know this tour is unique and appealing for people who want to bi


  • Yellow-eared Parrot

    Ognorhynchus icterotis

    Yellow-eared Parrot SEE MORE
  • Royal Tern

    Thalasseus Maximus

    Royal Tern SEE MORE
  • Semipalmated Plover

    Charadrius Semipalmatus

    Semipalmated-Plover SEE MORE